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Private One-on-One Consultation

I provide a one hour consultation to the client, preferably early on in the engagement period so that you can receive maximum benefit from your investment.

Wedding Strategist and Author

Let me help you navigate your way around unforeseen pitfalls.

Access to Resource Lists & Videos

Resource lists are provided to assist you in finding the vendor or venue that addresses your specific needs.

Public Speaker

I am available to share my story with you, at your request, in a group setting at your church or other type of event.

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Speak to group of clients on tips to help them avoid experiencing unforeseen pitfalls when planning their event.



Provide client with a one hour paid consultation to identify and address needs.



Provide individual clients with a one hour paid consultation to identify and address specific needs.



Provide client with a surprise gift for the day of the wedding.

Mother of the Bride Stuff Happens Book

Mother of the Bride: Stuff Happens

The 20 lessons learned and shared with you in this book will help you avoid pitfalls that can happen prior to your events, during your events and even after your events; and believe me….stuff happens.

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I will be your guide, helping you achieve a smooth process from start to finish.


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I am Brenda Tucker-Jeffries, Wedding Strategist and Author of Mother of the Bride.  I provide Mothers of the Bride with strategies, resources and information to enable them to assist the Bride in achieving the best wedding events possible. The results that you will get when working with me are a happy Bride, less stressful planning and the ability for the Mother of the Bride to enjoy the wedding events rather than having to put out fires.

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As a child and young adult, Brenda was interested in pursuing singing, modeling, acting, and architecture but was told by many that those avocations were not available to her.  After her voluntary early retirement in 2010 from the Federal Government and five years of being the proud boss of her own schedule on a daily basis, she decided to do what others told her she could not do – have a successful career in the arts.
As an Author, Wedding Strategist and Vice President of the South Suburban Chapter of the Speakers Publishers and Authors Association (SPAA), located in Park Forest, IL.
Brenda is finally moving forward with her dream.​​
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312-301-6255 | btucker-jeffries@comcast.net

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“You handled those anomalies so professionally that I did not know that any of that took place.”

Clarinda Valentine (Guest at Wedding Reception)

“I enjoyed the comments contained in the book.  Our daughter is getting married next year and I find it helpful to have a handy guide which included many of the things that you have to consider when planning.  I also plan to take my personal notes on the pages provided and share my thoughts later with my daughter.  Thanks Brenda for a simple easy read for the mother of the bride.” 

Jamece Shipp (Mother of Bride to Be)

“Advice to the Wedding Planner in You, if you need an upfront and personal guide that is straight forward and down to earth, on what you can expect when you are planning a wedding, look no further.  Brenda Tucker-Jeffries has hit the nail on the head in this entertaining, informative and funny, first hand look at what to expect and what is subject to happen, when you partake in the wild ride of planning a wedding.  The real deal is what you’ll get when you read her book, “Mother Of The Bride.”  Ms. Tucker-Jeffries reminds you to have fun, take notes and hold on to your hat (& your purse).  Enjoy!”

Debbie Reaux-Alexander (Interested Avid Book Reader.)

With excellent value wedding packages and fantastic offers Mother of the Bride is your choice for a memorable wedding!